There are hundreds and possibly thousands of home studios in N. B. alone with many folks producing their own CD’s or at least their own demos at home. Being a professional producer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, recording, mixing and mastering engineer, I’ve heard hundreds of demos and home productions, and I’m going to share some very frank and honest observations with you.

Most folks with home studios are at least ok, and sometimes very good at recording, literally recording, by that I mean putting a mic in front of a source (Inst. Vocal) or plugging an electric signal in to a D. I and “recording” that on some hard drive storage device. However, and with all due respect and sympathy for that matter, what I hear very little evidence of is the ability to do appropriate musical arrangements of the songs, create sounds that compliment each other sonically and musically, especially in a rhythmic context. And, most of all, again with respect and empathy, very little evident of home studio owners having the technical, musical and listening skills to mix on their own projects to a professional standard.

I have been hired a few times to go into home studios to mix projects. From personal though professional level CDs so I now make the following offer.

I can be hired to go to your home studio to show you how to mix your material or I can mix it for you. Doing both at the same time can prove problematical. Your always robbing Peter to pay Paul as it were.

The people I have done this for told me they had no idea how much difference these seemingly small adjustments could make.

The cost of this service if $495 plus HST for a seven-hour day, and no, you cannot book less time. That may seem expensive but if you booked a pro studio at $70 per hour for seven hours you would spend the same money in one day. This you have for life.

I will scrutinize your monitoring environment – a lot of people make mistakes there. For example, I worked in a studio once where a guy was complaining he could get no bottom end in his control room, but everywhere else his mixes had way too much bass – turns out his two monitors were wired out of phase – a sound I instantly recognized and corrected. In his case that one observation was worth the price because there is no telling how long if ever he would have figured that out. I bring the experience of over a 140 successfully completed projects everywhere I go.

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