Lloyd Hanson, Producer Engineer. Reel North Recording Studio

I opened Reel North in December, 1988 and since then have successfully produced, engineered and mastered over 130 projects, all to 100% client satisfaction at the time of completion. For a variety of reasons I have had more free time in the last 2 years. This has given me time to think and arrive at the following conclusions that are promises I’ve made to myself but may also benefit you as well.

I will produce 3-4 projects a year, work on only one at a time. This project will receive my full attention and I will not start another album until the current one is finished. I’ve done my share of juggling multiple projects and endless 16 hour days, no one does their best work that way.I wish to produce projects where everyone involved is committed to giving their full effort to make the best possible CD. When there are breaks in/or between projects I will do other non studio activities to keep my own interest high. I’ve been called a very direct or even brutally honest person and will simply not B. S. you at all about anything so if you’re willing to work as hard as I am and are comfortable with a completely honest report, read more.

*When I use the word “successfully” in this context it means the project was finished on time, on budget and to 100% satisfaction of all included, most of the time exceeding the client’s “best case” initial expectations.

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