December 10, 2006

To whom it may concern,

This letter is written in support of Lloyd Hanson. I have known and worked with Lloyd for fifteen years. Lloyd has developed highly evolved skills as an arranger, musician, composer, audio engineer, cheerleader, psychologist and parental figure. These last three skills may seem out of place in the audio and music production industry. They are however, some of the most important. Lloyd’s approach has always been to bring the artist along, along for the whole journey. His clients discover unrealized potential, they learn the practical day-to-day skills of the business. They see how it could be. Lloyd is a teacher. The artists that he works with end up with a skilfully produced record and a much better understanding of the process and of themselves. Nothing is hidden. I personally owe a great deal to the approach and aesthetic that Lloyd has and continues to develop. I highly recommend him as an educator, mentor and audio professional.

Michael Doherty
Owner Singing Dog recording studio

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