Lloyd Hanson

Bassist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer, recording engineer, mastering engineer, owner of Reel North Recording Studios.

Jan.-Feb.06Max Murphy CD Upalong. Produced, recorded, Mixed, Mastered & Played Multiple Instruments
Jan.-Mar.05Brent Mason CD, Gloryland. Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
Mar.-Sept.05Sheltered CD, The Lionhearted. Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered
Oct.04Lloyd Hanson CD Thalloweenaula. Produced, recorded, Mixed, Mastered &Played Multiple Instruments
May.04Jon Fidler CD All This Fun and Money Too. Mixed and mastered
April 04Sheltered EP. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Aug-Oct.03Kathy Gregory CD, Eyes on You. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered (played all instruments (except drums)
Feb.-June 03Vetch CD Life is not that Hard. Co-produce, record and play bass
Jan.02-Jan.03Dionisus CD, Scared to be Wrong. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered
Oct-Dec.02Oval Window CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Oct.02The Missing CD, Last Man Standing. Co-produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Aug-Oct.02Barb Prosser-Winder CD, It’s Been a Long Time. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered, played bass
Oct.01-June 02Boyer Band Connected CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Dec.01-Mar.02Range Life 47 minutes in a Life CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered. Regular play on Q104 Halifax
Jan.02Dionysus 3 Song CD. Secure ECMA Showcase, air play on Fox F’ton. and Q104 Hfx.
July 01Vetch, 4 Song CD, Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered. Secures ECMA and Juno showcases in early ’02.
April-May 01Bucket Truck – Waiting to Talk CD released on Sextant, Distributed by EMI, Nominated for ECMA and by Canadian Musician Mag. Heavy Metal CD of the year
Mar.-Apr.01Brent Mason, Hitcher on the Road CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Feb.01George Paul – Demo CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Jan.-Feb.01Jeanette Cogswell – CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Dec.00Johanne Lise Landry – 3 song CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Aug.-Dec.00An Acoustic Sin – CD (still under negotiation for release). Produce, Record, Mix and Master
May-June 00Even (Since August) CD, Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered, one song won the “” contest over 500 other bands and this recording secured the Band’ signing to loggerhead records
June 99-March 00Alain Comeau CD (not released). Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
July-Sept.99Mackinaw CD, Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
July 99Alain Comeau, Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
June 99Remaster the Torn Tree CD (A ’95 Hanson production) for release on the US Label Massive Groove
May 99Frank Taylor Thistle Down Thunder CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
May-June 99Jessica Rhaye CD Single. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
May-June 99Madrigal Elemental Grace CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered – nominated For ECMA
March-Oct.99St. Andrews Society Pipe Band CD. Produce, Record, Edit and Master
Feb.-May 99Brent Mason River Songs CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered ECMA nominee
Feb.-April 99Marahambi CD. Co-Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Jan. 99Cayoche Roule Roule CD. Co-produced, recorded, mixed
Feb.-April 99Marahambi CD. Co-Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Jan. 99Cayoche Roule Roule CD. Co Produced, recorded, mixed
Dec.98-July 99Julie Doiron and Wooden Stars, CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered (This CD won a Juno Award)
Oct.-Dec.98Sabian Cymbal Update. Record and Master
Oct.-Nov.98Paula Foley-MacMillan CD single. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Oct.-Dec.98Chris Stephens CD single. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
July-Sept.98Touch Ground CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
June-Aug.98Judy Kamminga Visions of Freedom CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
May-June 98Trans Acadie CD Project. Recording Engineer, (Marc Beaulieu-Producer)
April-May 98Room to Move – Mighty Mile CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
April 98Black Mountain Bluegrass Band Album. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
March 98Mastered Fredericton 150 CD Compilation (and recorded mix and mastered winning song)
March-April 98Jesse Thorne – Jescadence Album. Co-Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Feb.-April 98Present Reality – Pour CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
July 97-Feb.98Marilyn Inch – Whistleworks. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered, & Played Bass
Nov.97-Feb.98The Staff – Freeway CD. Co-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered
Oct.-Dec.98Recorded and mastered the entire Sabian Cymbal line for the Internet and CD release for Sabian Ltd, (2nd largest cymbal manufacturer in the world.)
Sept.97HRDC Song “Believe”. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered and played all instruments
Aug.97Between the Covers mastering contract begins. Mastered more than 50 books on tape or CD/tape for Gooselane Editions/CBC. This contract is on going.
July 97-98REEL NORTH OPENS A SEPARATE MASTERING DIVISION. In the past years I have mastered in excess of 120 CD projects not recorded at Reel North for clients from St. John’s to Vancouver to New Orleans Including internationally distributed record labels, Borealis, Lazer Light and Breakeven Point.
June-July 97Becky Banks MacLean CD. Co-produced, recorded and mixed.
July 97Allan Sherwood Sings Album. Co-produced, recorded and mixed
July 97Creative mixing for Dance East of music composed by Johanne Landry for performances in France and Finland, to be released on CD in 1998.
May-June 97Johanne Lise Landry CD. Produced, recorded, and mixed, Et Pourquoi Pas
Feb.-March 97Brent Mason Stoney Plain CD. Produced Recorded and Mixed
Feb.-March 97“toot sweet” – A Celtic Christmas CD, on the Laser Light Label, New Orleans, LA (Initial shipment 10,000 copies) – Produced, recorded and mixed
Feb. 97ECMA Moncton – Reel North is nominated for “Production Facility” and Lloyd Hanson is nominated for “Recording Tech”.
Aug.-Oct.96Border Crossing CD, Co-produced, recorded and mixed
Sept.962 songs from Brent Mason’s Down to Heaven are included on a BBC (England) film sound track
July-Oct.96Debbie Adshade Alchemy CD, Produced, recorded and mixed
July 96Winston Crawford 100 Strong CD, Co-produced, recorded and mixed
June-Aug.96Alder Knot Barn Overload on Breakeven Point for European U.S. distribution on Skimpy Records – Japan, Produced, Recorded and Mixed
March-April 96Snowdonia - Legends Unfold CD. Produced/Recorded and Mixed
Jan.-March 96Frank Taylor An Immigrant’s Prayer CD. Produced/Recorded and Mixed
March-May 95Torn – Solitude CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Aug.-Sept.95“toot sweet” Into the Bright Sunlight CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Nov.-Dec.94Snowdonia – Echoes on the Sea CD. Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered
Nov.94Bill Foster – The Hills of Faraway – Spoken word cassette
Sept.-Nov.94Brent Mason – Down to Heaven. Produced, recorded mixed &mastered
July-Sept.94Adshade Café – Thunder Gods Wife CD. Produced/Recorded Mixed &mastered ECMA nom.
July 94Exploding Meet – Birds of Grey – CD – Mastering Engineer
May-July 94Hemlock – Exordium CD – Co-produced, Recorded and Mixed
May-Aug.94Grahame Rhodes Jazz Experience CD – Produced, Co-recorded and mixed
Mar-Apr.94Julian Austin – Back on Track – Co-produced, recorded mixed & mastered
July 93-Feb.94The Heard CD. Co-produced and engineered
Nov.93-Feb.94Power Syndrome Bring It On CD. Co-produced, recorded mixed and mastered
Jan.92-Nov.93Aubrey Hanson Aubviously CD. produced, recorded mixed and mastered
Jan.91-Oct.93Lloyd Hanson’s Thrash Peninsula A Different Drummer, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered
Aug.-Sept.93Cutter John CD. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered
May-June 93Hill Brothers CD. Co-produced, recorded and mixed
Nov.92-Apr.93Ned Landry, North American fiddling Champ, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered
Dec.92-Feb.93Joanna Doak With Love Joanna, produced, arranged, recorded and mixed
Dec.92Showcase CD –Produced and compiled this Reel North Sampler
Nov.92A Winter’s Tale – Theatre New Brunswick – co-produced and engineered all music
June-July 92Brent Mason – Head for the High Ground – now on CD
July 92Cod Can Hear CD – DTK – Recorded live to DAT at Double Douce, Halifax, compiled And mastered at Reel North
June-Nov.91100 Flowers (Halifax) – Places we Sit
Sept.-Oct.91Aubrey Hanson – Memories Album
May-June 91George Hector Feelin’ Uncommonly Good Album
Oct.-Nov.90UJAMAA – Chocota – Engineer and production assistance
Oct.-Nov.90Demo for guitarist Vaughan Evans which got him guitarist job with LUBA
Sept.-Oct.90Aubrey Hanson – One More Time Album
Sept.90Demo for guitarist Lee Bardwell which got him job with September Gun, London, England
Jan.89-PresentProduced/co-produced and engineered numerous demos and jingles
April 90Engineered and co-produced a recording of classical guitarist Gerry VanWart
March-April 90Co-produced and engineered Old Cars and Dusty Roads by the Dusty Road Band. (This Record received air play and carted all over the Maritimes and secured a publishing deal For the composer with the Mercy Brothers)
Sept.89Holy Order EP – Hateful Rage – being distributed in Europe on LP and CD by C.C.G. Records, Surrey, England
March-April 89Aubrey Hanson – Back to Basics – Album
Dec. 88Opened Reel North Recording Studios – a self designed professional 8-track studio for the purpose of producing all styles of original music.
Jan.-June 88Produced and engineers own debut album on DTK Records: Lloyd Hanson – The Great Debate.

Performer/Bass Player
02-04Bass with Another Strange Evening, improv ensemble
Sept.03Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival with Hans Martini
Feb.02-presentBass w/Vetch including Roots Room ECMA St. John’s; Juno Showcase – St. John’s, Nfld.
Aug 2-5’00Staff bass player at the Acadian Festival – Caraquet, NB. (Radio Canada Broadcast)
Dec.98Performance with Judy Kamminga on CBC Show – Where the River Meets the Sea
Mar.-April 98New Brunswick Sings – 4 date soft seater tour with Debbie Adshade in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton – Broadcast on CBC
Jan.30 98ECMA Main Stage – Showcase with Becky Banks MacLean
Dec. 97First Night Fredericton with Brent Mason
Sept. 97Bear River Music Festival, Nova Scotia – with Brent Mason
Aug.8-11/97Festival By the Sea w/Brent Mason and Debbie Adshade
June 12-14/97Debbie Adshade – Nova Scotia Softseater Tour, Yarmouth , Liverpool and Chester
Feb. 97ECMA Moncton w/Brent Mason, Atlantic Airwaves w/Debbie Adshade
Dec. 96First Night Fredericton w/Brent Mason and w/Debbie Adshade
Oct. 96Hull Quebec – Capaocoa w/Debbie Adshade
Feb.8 96ECMA Charlottetown, Main Stage Showcase w/Debbie Adshade
Dec. 95First Night “toot sweet” – in Mobile, Alabama
Aug. 95Lunenburg Folk Festival – Debbie Adshade
July 95Ottawa and Wakefield, PQ – Exploding Meet
July 95Poley Mountain Music Festival – Debbie Adshade and Brent Mason
Dec.94First Night – Thrash Peninsula
Sept.94Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival – Thrash Peninsula
July 94Victoria Playhouse PEI with Brent Mason
July 94Poley Mountain Music Festival – Thrash Peninsula and Brent Mason
July 94Edmundston – Grahme Rhodes Jazz Experience CD Recording and Concert
Dec.93First Night – Thrash Peninsula – Fredericton
Sept.93Co-founded the Bent Festival to work within the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival; Performances with Thrash Peninsula, 3 People and New Compositions
Aug.93Doc and Chicky Williams Show – Fredericton
July 93Poley Mountain Music Festival – Thrash Peninsula and Brent Mason
July 93-presentWith Brent Mason, duo performances in theatre and club settings
April 93Thrash Peninsula at Trinas Bar, Fredericton
April-June 93Sheraton Hotel, regular jazz gig with Geordie Haley and Friends
Jan.93Formed Thrash Peninsula
Dec.92First Night – The Cosmic Quartet - Fredericton
Sept.92HARVEST JAZZ & BLUES FESTIVAL – Bass with Long John Baldry; Cosmic Quartet & Chad MacQuarrie, Guitar and vocals with Lloyd Hanson Blues Explosion
Aug.92Bay Jazz Festival – Shediac, The Cosmic Quartet - Broadcast CBC
Sept.86-presentPerformed with various jazz, pop, country and experimental ensembles in the Fredericton area and throughout New Brunswick
Jan.92Live Recording – The Cosmic Quartet, Fredericton
Dec.91First Night – The Cosmic Quartet – Fredericton
Sept.91Cowie/Mitchell Band – Harvest Jazz Festival - Fredericton
The Cosmic Quartet – Harvest Jazz Festival - Fredericton
Cowie/Mitchell Band – Moncton Jazz Festival
Dec.90First Night – The Cosmic Quartet – Fredericton
Dec.90The Cosmic Quartet – opened for Holly Cole, Playhouse – Fredericton
Dec.89First Night – The Cosmic Quartet – Fredericton Exploding Meet – Gallery Connexion – Fredericton
July 89Ottawa Jazz Festival – The Cosmic Quartet
July 89Moncton Jazz Festival – Tony George
May 89CHSJ-TVs Variety featured The Lloyd Hanson Band playing 5 of the compositions from The Great Debate Album
March 89Three People at Maritime Independent Music Festival
Dec.88Three People at Maritime Independent Music Festival
Dec.88Released first solo album The Great Debate. Composed, arranged, produced all music. Also played 6 string fretless bass, fretted bass, Chapman Stick, guitar, keyboards, drum Programming,
July 88Moncton Jazz Festival – Tony George Quintet
May 88CBC Moncton FM Radio Show Vix et rhythe De Lantique
March 88Three People at M.L.M.F.
Nov.-Dec.87Theatre New Brunswick’s production “Guys and Dolls”
Sept.87With the popular 60’s group “Mama’s and Papa’s”
Aug.87Acadian Festival’s Finale with Jacques Gautreau – 2-hour broadcast live on CBC Radio
84-presentDid studio work in Fredericton and Sussex, playing on albums, singles and demos.
83-85Toured the Maritimes and Ontario with major road acts as well as a small stint with Juno Award-winner Marie Bottrell.

86Berklee College of Music – Boston. Majored in harmony, arranging and performance.
85-86Studied harmony, theory, and arranging with Ian Sedgewick, local composer, pianist and performer

Teaching Experience
83-presentGiving private bass and contemporary harmony instruction since 1983.
86January to April, 1999, taught Digital Audio Course as part of the multi-media Program at the University of New Brunswick.

Feb.-April 97Brent Mason – Stoney Plain CD – arranged material
May-Oct.97Debbie Adshade Alchemy CD – arranged material
Sept.-Nov.94Arranged all background for Brent Mason’s Down to Heaven
Jan.94Lloyd Hanson’s Thrash Peninsula A Different Drummer – composed and arranged all music.
Mar.93CBC Radio Canada broadcast nationally Cosmic Quartet Bay Jazz Festival, Hanson Compositions Ballad and Gotcha now
Feb.91TNB Young Company – Holy Ozone – composed, arranged, recorded, mixed, edited and played all instruments.
Feb.91TNB Young Company – Blue Days At Sea – composed Soundscape
Oct.89Song for the Unsung – composed for the CBC for a special show – Unsung Heroes – produced and played all instruments as well.
Dec.88Released first solo album The Great Debate. Composed and arranged all music.

NOTE: All projects I produce involve arranging to varying degrees.

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